Information On Divorce In Nova Scotia

In Canada, there are two ways that handle divorce; one is creating a separation agreement and the other is the divorce court process. Find out about divorce certificate Nova Scotia and see if this process would work for you.

Creating a Separation Agreement

If you choose this route, your lawyer will contact your spouse’s lawyer or your spouse and request a separation agreement. Once this is done, each spouse gives financial information so that each spouse is aware of each other’s financial assets. Then, negotiations are begun and once an agreement has been made, it will create a separation agreement.

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Canadian Divorce

A Canadian divorce is much more formal and has certain steps that must be taken. The first step is the application for divorce and financial statement. Then, your spouse must serve and file an Answer and Financial Statement in 30 days. Next, you must serve and file a reply in 10 days. Once this has been accomplished, a case conference is held. Next, if you or your spouse cannot resolve your case, it must be decided at a trial. Keep in mind; this is a formal process. Once the trial has ended, a decision will be made by a judge. Find out more about Trusted Divorce:

To conclude, there are two ways a divorce is handled in Canada; a separation agreement or a Canadian divorce.

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